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About Sanjivak Aahar

Sanjivak Aahar is based on the firm belief in India’s ancient Shaastras (holistic sciences), which consider food as the representation of the higher cosmic energy. Food can be the medicine as well as the cause of disease, depending upon how, when and in what condition it is consumed. Health is possible only when food is nutritious and free from the harmful effects of chemicals. Sanjivak Aahar provides food that is in equilibrium in terms of higher energy in the form of the Panchtatvas (five basic elements – earth, water, fire, air and space). The food is treated with energy (Urja Sanskars) based on the Shaastras thereby purifying it and enriching it with nutrients.

Niraamay Wellness, the parent body, is a well-known healthcare company that has cured over one lakh patients over the past 12 years. It follows the energy-based Swayampurn Upchar method to cure any physical or mental ailments, without medicines, without any kind of physical contact. The focus has been to provide a holistic solution through disease prevention and health promotion. This is done by harnessing the cosmic energy in the form of Panchtatvas and ensuring that they are in equilibrium. For more details, visit niraamay.com

Energy is a subtle force that is felt; but not seen. We feel the wind energy when it blows against our skin without seeing it. We know that equipment works on electricity, which is again an invisible force. Modern science is slowly moving towards the conclusion that all matter is essentially a manifestation of energy. The Shaastras had asserted the prevalence of a higher cosmic energy or Pranshakti that drives the material world, and had developed elaborate processes to be in harmony with it. Connecting with this higher energy through the Panchtatvas, which are represented in our subtle body (Sukshma Sharir or aura) and ensuring that they are in a state of balance, brings complete wellbeing.


Earlier, practices such as reciting of Mantras, Stotras (spiritual compositions for wellbeing) and Bhaktigeet (devotional folk songs) throughout the agricultural, cooking and eating processes, ensured such a connection with the higher energy, which are largely missing today. Sanjivak Aahar undertakes such energy treatment (Urja Sanskar) on food by balancing the Panchtatvas therein and making it wholesome and free from defects.

In line with the Shaastras, food provided by Sanjivak Aahar is based on the recommendations as per the time of the day (24 Horas / eight Prahars), and season of the year (Rutucharya covering Vasant, Greeshma, Varsha, Sharad, Hemant and Shishir). It also incorporates the Shadrasas (six nutrition criteria based on the tastes) of Madhur, Amla, Lavan, Katu, Tikta and Kashaya. It aims at balancing the Tridosh (three bodily tendencies of Vaat, Pitta and Kaph) to ensure holistic health.

Sanjivak Aahar provides healthy food, which gives proper nutrition. It provides Trigun Sampann food or the one which incorporates all the required aspects of Satvic, Rajasic and Tamasic qualities in the right proportion.

Energy treatment on the food provided by Sanjivak Aahar results in reducing the impact of chemicals present, which has been proved by reports from NABL approved laboratories and testimonials.

About Health Benefits
Products & Services

In an era of rising number of patients, incurable ailments, diminishing immunity, wrong lifestyles, chemical laden food and disregard for our time-tested practices, Sanjivak Aahar brings a lot of physical and psychological health benefits. Surveys conducted on 30 families consuming Sanjivak Aahar for three months revealed improvements in taste, colour, smell and freshness of food. Vegetables that were earlier disliked by some consumers became more palatable and found place in the diet.

Consumers experienced reduction in physical problems such as indigestion, constipation, Pitta related disorders, blood impurities, contagious diseases and sleep disorders, and lesser dependence on medicines. Psychological problems such as stress and irritability reduced significantly, and improvements were observed in relationships. These benefits in turn ensure a happy family and a happy society at large.

Energy treated vegetables of Sanjivak Aahar tested in NABL approved laboratories revealed interesting changes in the nutrient composition. For instance, increase in fats in a dry vegetable such as Spinach, made it easy to digest, while decrease in fats and proteins in a vegetable like Brinjal reduced its flatulence effect. Peas and Cauliflower experienced improvement on all criteria of nutrition.

As of now, Sanjivak Aahar provides fresh fruits, vegetables, Desi cow milk and ghee, naturally processed (Ghani) oils, cereals and pulses.

Sanjivak Aahar understands the paucity of time faced by busy urban consumers. Hence, a range of value-added services are also provided, along with the delivery of food. Vegetables and fruits are washed, cleaned, wiped, cut and peeled as per the requirement. Combo packs are available for those who require specific vegetables together. Food items are delivered daily at a specific time. Moreover, due to the Urja Sanskars, vegetables cook faster. Seasonal food items are also delivered.

Sanjivak Aahar firmly believes in the importance of local food for the health and the environment. Thus, traditional food choices and recipes are recommended for better health keeping in mind the local geography, climate and crops grown.

No, the holistic diet provided will be in line with the ancient Shaastras as well as the region in which it is being consumed, local climate and seasons.

Sanjivak Aahar believes, based on empirical evidence that regular consumption of food that is nutritious and free from harmful effects of chemicals brings the desired health benefits. Thus, the ’90 Days’ Health Program’ involves consuming the diet recommended and provided by Sanjivak Aahar for three months in the right quantity depending on the age, before evaluating the change in one’s health.

Yes, because that will ensure the maximum benefit of this scientific diet. In case of foods that are not provided by Sanjivak Aahar such as curd, customers are advised to make it at home from the milk delivered under the Program.

It will be considered as a break in the Program and the customer will be asked to continue with the Program for that many more days.

It doesn’t matter. Regular consumption of Sanjivak Aahar will remove any allergies.

Customers are required to subscribe to the ’90 Days’ Health Program’ because it takes time for the effect of right diet to be visible on be visible on health.

About Registration

The customer can register by clicking on the ‘Register Now’ or ‘Subscribe Now’ icons on the homepage. Please provide the information in the form that will appear thereafter. The customer should review the terms and conditions, provide the payment mode details and submit the registration form.

After registration, the customer will have to pay a deposit of ₹ 3,000 before commencing with the purchases.

We recommend one registration per household.

Yes; but at present they all need to be within Kothrud, Pune.

Yes, a new customer will have to fill a health form at the time of registration, and again after completion of the ’90 Days’ Health Program’.

About Orders, Payment, Delivery & Refund

Yes, orders can be placed online either through the website or through the mobile app. Click here to order through the website. The app can be downloaded from Google Playstore.

No, we only provide home delivery based on the orders received via our website or mobile app. We do not have any brick and mortar stores.

No, such changes can only be done within the specified 48 hours assigned for a particular delivery slot from within the available range of products.

Customers have to subscribe for the ’90 Days’ Health Program’ after they pay the deposit amount of ₹ 3,000. Thereafter orders can be placed based on their choice of food from the available items and payments made once a week. The typical cost for a family of two adults comes to about ₹ 500 per day or ₹ 15,000 per month, based on the standard quantity for consumption recommended by Sanjivak Aahar.

VAT is not applicable. However, GST is applicable as per the government regulations.

The following modes of payment are available: 1) Cash on Delivery (CoD), 2) Credit and debit cards (VISA / MasterCard / Rupay), 3) UPI, 4) Net banking – If the goods have to be left at the security gate, kindly use payment options 2, 3 or 4. If the customer chooses CoD, he will have to pay our delivery person in cash at the time of receiving the delivery.

Please note that our customer service team will never ask for any information other than the customer’s registered name, email id and phone number. If the customer gets any email, call or message from anyone claiming to be from Sanjivak Aahar and asking for any such sensitive information he should not share the same.

Yes, Sanjivak Aahar provides daily home delivery of vegetables, fruits and milk, and groceries once a week / fortnight. Currently, deliveries are made only to specific areas in Kothrud, Pune. We plan to expand our reach in coming months.


Daily between 6.00 and 8.00 am

Packaging is done as per the latest professional standards.

The deposit amount is not refundable. If the ‘90 Days’ Health Program’ is stopped in between, the deposit is forfeited. After completion of the ‘90 Days’ Health Program’, the customer has the option to continue with the subscription or discontinue it. Whenever the customer decides to exercise the second option, food items will be continued to be delivered to him till the amount of the deposit is completely offset against the bills.

Discontinuing the subscription before the end of the ‘90 Days’ Health Program’ will lead to forfeiture of the deposit. If the subscription is discontinued thereafter, food items will be continued to be delivered to the customer till the amount of the deposit is completely offset against the bills.