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Many diseases are an integral part of urban life today. Good food is needed for good health, but today the widespread use of fertilizers, pesticides, various processes on food, adulteration is depleting the quality of food. Mental turmoil, dissatisfaction is appearing everywhere today! This situation is not only in the city but also in the village. Think about how many different processes are performed on food in the journey from sowing till it reaches our home. Starting from plowing the fields, sowing, planting, harvesting etc. All food, vegetables and fruits have to go through a long process. However, the thoughts and spoken words of the practitioner perform programming on the food they handle. Through various experiments performed at various locations have proved that paying good soothing music, singing devotional songs produce harmonizing effect on the field crops.

Effect of Love on Food…

“Food Prepaired by Mother gives inner satisfaction when we eat it. That is because she prepare that food with love for her children”

Food we eat is not just about filling the stomach, but it also produces energy we require. Food we eat is used in growing the body, the creation of new cells, the prevention of disease, the production of electromagnetic currents, the facilitation of the emission process, and to strengthen the body and mind to reach our life’s goals.
Our ancestors have thought very thoroughly on food we consume. Thousands of year back, our ancestors wrote that ‘There is a connection between diet and body, diet and mind, diet and psychic condition of a person’. We did not find any such reference in any of the advance cultures like Greek, Egyptian, or Chinese present at that time. In different parts of the world, there is a method of praying before a meal. Christians, Jews, are the ones who specially follow it. This method of praying is also important in Indians. But the Indian prayer before the meal is very fulfilling and meaningful.

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