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The cells in your body are degenerated overnight. It is the diet that creates new cells. Also, physical strength, intellect and brilliance are also achieved through diet. So in fact, diet is the only medicine. The basic principles of natural medicine are hidden in the diet. The superiority of health depends on the natural qualities of the diet. Dietary standards, dietary practices, digestion, etc. The effects of diet on the body depend on the factors, the physical health and the ability to cure the disease. The various types of food we consume affect our mood, emotions and body. The Chhandogya Upanishad says that when food is pure, the mind is pure. When the mind is pure, memory is strong.

Healthy Diet is the Ultimate Medicine”

The Human Body and Diseases are the cause and effect of the Food we eat. That is, both the human body and the disorders are created from food we eat. Unhealthy Food can lead to disease. Charak Rishi has said that a healthy diet will not only keep the body healthy but also avoid any future diseases. It is undeniably true that the whole nature is made up of Five Elements (Pancha Tatvas), so it also affects plants. It is by using these natural laws that energy healing used on plants, crops, grains, vegetables and fruits to make them healthy.